Sweet Tooth and
Fitness Approved

15-30g Protein
Gluten Free

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No artificial ingredients or
sweeteners. Gluten Free.

Just add water!
Microwave and oven friendly.

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Eat Cake, Get Buff

We bring the fun to fitness.
Eat the cake and still hit your protein goals.

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MICROWAVABLE Can’t bake? We got you! Pop our protein cakes in the microwave if you’re not lovin’ the oven!

GLUTEN FREE Have no fear! Our signature mixes are gluten free and still insanely delicious.

PACKED WITH PROTEIN Celebrate! Each serving has 15g or more of protein essential for building

customer reviews

This lemon vegan is so much more than what you could imagine!!! This is my FAVE vegan!!! That says a lot from someone who lives and dies for chocolate! This is a MUST try! You will NOT regret! Actually, I will go one step further....you are welcome, in advance!

Ilene D

My favorite! I never thought protein cake would taste so good! Added peanut butter drizzle and sprinkles, so delicious!!

Mandy P

I love these so much! It’s a guilt free chocolate chip cookie in a mug, great on its own or with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Amanda P

So good! I really love all the flavors but the Un-chubby bunny is so good when you want carrot cake. I usually make my own cream cheese frosting but it also goes well with Natty Nilla frosting. I will definitely reorder!

Cheryl J


Whip up a protein-packed treat in minutes. All of our mixes are gluten free, full of fiber and packed with protein! Using whole foods, we created tasty treats that will keep you satisfied for hours. Check out our variety of flavors, vegan options, and 5 star reviews... And just promise us you'll lick the spoon.

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our story

I had a dream that I could create a product to make healthy eating fun, convenient, and absolutely delicious. After having my third child in 3.5 years, I was determined to get in shape. I began intense lifting and cardio regiments but I quickly grew tired of eating rubbery chicken for every single meal. I had an idea to throw together some wholesome nutrient dense ingredients and voila! Lil Buff Protein was born!

After eating these magic protein cakes and getting in the best shape of my life, I was pushed by many of my closest friends to start a business. With zero free time on my hands, I'll admit that I was very intimidated by tackling entrepreneurship.

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