The Lime Light
The Lime Light
The Lime Light
The Lime Light

The Lime Light

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The Lime Light is the perfect way to describe our newest Lil Buff Fluff!! If you love the punch of key lime pie, you'll be in heaven all summer long!This fluff legit tastes like the inside of a Key Lime Pie! Tangy, sweet, and a little hint of buttery graham crackers! Of course we topped it with some little white chocolate chips  And the kicker? It’s completely vegan! Get ready to dip, dunk, and drizzle because this became an instant favorite!


*We noticed a mistake on the label where it claims Milk in the allergen statement. This product does not contain milk and is dairy free. It will be corrected next batch. My apologies. 

- All Natural

- Gluten Free/Dairy Free

- Made with Cashews

- Store at room temperature. (Put in the fridge if a thicker texture is desired)

Serving Size 2 TBSP (31g)

Calories - 170
Total Fat - 13g
Total Carb - 11g
Fiber - 2g
Total Sugars - 6g
Protein 4g