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Red Velv-Fit Cake Bites

Red Velv-Fit Cake Bites

Recipe by @kimhoeltje

1 package of Lil Buff Protein Red Velv-Fit Protein Cake Mix

1/2 C applesauce or pumpkin puree

1 egg white

2 TBSP milk

2 TBSP cream cheese (light or whipped)

4 TBSP white chocolate

1/2 tsp coconut oil

1) Prepare cake as directed

2) While cake is warm mix in 2 TBSP cream cheese with a fork and mash until cake is crumbly

3) Roll cake and cream cheese mixture into small balls with hands (about the size of a bouncy ball) Makes 10-12 balls, set in fridge to cool. 

4) Melt white chocolate chips and coconut oil mixture together on 50% power in the microwave in 30 second intervals until white chocolate is melted through. Dip balls in white chocolate and set on parchment paper. Top with sprinkles and store in the fridge until chocolate sets. 




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