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Wife - Mom - Bodybuilder

Entrepreneur - Social Media Influencer - Social Media Marketing

Wellness Life Coach

My life can be described like one of those 60 second tasty videos! All the good stuff magically blended together in warp speed with a happy ending :) A giant treat! In 2016 while training for a bodybuilding competition, I threw together a couple of quick ingredients and popped it into the microwave in an attempt to create a healthy protein filled cake. When the microwave beeped at the end of 2.5 minutes, I had no idea that my life would be changed forever. 

After eating these magic protein cakes and getting in the best shape of my life, I was pushed by many of my closest friends to start a business. With zero free time on my hands, I'll admit that I was very intimidated by tackling entrepreneurship. I took a leap of faith, dove in head first,  and was immediately blown away by the response. People love cake! They love eating healthy! And the fact that they can have their cake and get buff too....seemed like a wild dream come true!

About 3 months after starting Lil Buff Protein, we were able to move into a warehouse and purchase the necessary machines and equipment to continue expanding. One of my favorite parts about owning this business has been the relationships I've created with my customers. I'm blessed to be surrounded by the most supportive and encouraging people who have been there for me throughout this process. I encourage you to follow your dreams, pursue something you're passionate about, and whatever you do....eat the cake! :)


All of my cake mixes are made with the highest quality and most delicious protein on the market. If you are interested in purchasing the protein, check out www.thenutrakey.com and coupon code "LilBuffVIP" will give you 30% off. For baking I recommend the Whey Optima Vanilla Cookie & Whey Optima Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Cup. For my favorite protein Isolate, check out Vanilla Cake Batter and White Chocolate Macadamia Iso Optima flavors. If you have questions- hit me up on instagram @lilbuff02 or email me.

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